It’s a common say “Health is wealth “ . In this busy world we all need health to stay happy, fit, earn dollars and to pay our liabilities. People gets too busy in earning the dollar, family responsibilities and other materialistic commitments that they forget to look after their Health.

Sometime things happen in life e.g.  Traumas, loss of job, accidents, bullying, psychological pressures from families and work, domestic violence, divorce ,heart broken , relationship issues  , grief, stressful work environment. All these things affect individuals mind and slowly slowly they start losing their physical and mental health.

With Homoeopathy it can take months to years to resolve chronic issues. So require lot of patience while receiving homoeopathic treatment and provide all the relevant information during the first visit to Homoeopath. Do not hide things and be honest so that physician can understand your case holistically. Homoeopathy works holistically both on mind and physical symptoms. Lifestyle changes and diet also play a very important role to manage chronic diseases. 

At SIDHU HOMOEOPATHIC CLINIC I am interested to treat your chronic and recurring health ailments and symptoms. You have tried everything your symptoms go for a while and then they return back again and you are looking for a permanent solution. You can try Homoeopathy along with lifestyle changes and diet for 3 to 6 months and see what difference it made to your health. Homoeopathy is gentle and safe and without any side effects. Homoeopathy is not funded by MEDICARE IN AUSTRALIA so it is an out of pocket expense. Like we all invest to buy an investment property, shares, gold, business, bit coin etc. Health is an investment as well so everyone can invest a small fraction of money to stay healthy.                                                


Some Basic Tips I am sharing with all of you which lead to good Health

Eat healthy meals .Spend money to buy good quality food products and spare some money to treat yourself with a nice and healthy meal. Eat a balanced diet.

Healthy eating boosts your immune system and gives strength to fight against the diseases.

Join a GYM, Yoga classes, Thai Chi, Pilates, fitness studio, walking group, cycling group, bush walking etc based on your interest and hobbies. Jogging, walking does not cost anything just need 45 min to 1 hour of your daily time. Start with 5000 steps daily and try to do minimum 10000steps.

Have a quarterly break from work to rejuvenate. Take COUPLE OF DAYS off during school holiday’s .Recharge your batteries to work again. Always have me time on weekend and week days to enjoy life and do the things which you love to do. Plan a yearly break to treat yourself. You will not feel burn out if you have proper breaks and will stay in the work field for longer.

Life is not a materialistic race that you have to be first in it and follow what others are doing. Everyone individual is born with some god gifted skills so reflect back and see what your hobbies and strengths are and focus on them to choose it as a carrier.

Do some meditation in your free time to relax your mind. Stay in touch with positive vibes and positive people.

Watch funny movies and comedy shows to stay happy .Listen to Gurwani or hymn of your religion. Happiness keep you in Chardi Kala (In Sikhism, chardi kala is the Punjabi term for aspiring to maintain a mental state of eternal optimism and joy. People who read and follow Gurwani always stay in Chardi Kala. They hardly suffer from mind and psychological issues.)

If you follow your cultural valves and listen to your heart. There are more chances that you will stay happy and enjoy your life.

Do not put too many things on your list for a day. Put the things on parking which can wait. Deal  first with things which are a priority. Do not worry too much about future. Take one day or one week at a time. Based on your budget live daily, weekly or monthly life style. In country like Australian you will not die of hunger. You can survive even if you do not have a job and know survival skills.

Stay hydrated during a hot day and put a lemon slice in your water bottle. 

Do not skip your break during work and do some stretching if your work is office based. Do not try to be a superman or superwomen at work because you will feel the toll of it later. Work at your normal pace and enjoy what you are doing.

Always try to have breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. Eat healthy snacks between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Increase your fruit and veg serves in a day to stay healthy. Avoid eating Junk food daily.

Sleep for 8 hours and always try to maintain work and life balance.

Wash your hands before eating and after playing out in mud and park.

In Australia especially protect yourself from sun by using sunscreen and tint your car. So use sun screen couple of time during the day if you are working outside or have more exposure to sun. Especially people who work in labour industry and driving industry.

Stay away from bad addictions like too much of smoking, tobacco chewing, drinking and drugs. Excess of everything is bad and had its consequences later.

Have healthy eating habits.

Invest in allied health (if you can afford) and have a private health insurance for physio, chiro and other allied health services based on your needs.

Do not waste money on show off or on materialistic things if you do not have enough for day to day living. Save some for rainy days. If God has given you enough you must enjoy it to fulfil your dreams and hobbies. Donate to needy and help people who are in need.

Most of the things mentioned above are in your control and it’s our choice that whether you want to stay healthy or not. Investing in Homoeopathy ,allied health and other natural therapies leads to Good Health. Your body and Mind will stay away from diseases and you will lead a happy healthy life. You can work longer and enjoy your family life more. Retirement age in Australia is 65 to 68 years so it’s important to look after your health to work till sixty five or eight.  Six Month of Homoeopathic treatment cost approx $400 to $500. In some cases people only require treatment for 3 to 4 months and some need it for a year or longer.  It depends from case to case and how many layers of chronic diseases you have.  People mostly visit a Homoeopath when they have tried everything. Your body is very wise and it starts showing sign and symptoms long time before you are diagnosed from a chronic disease. Do not be too late that disease become so complex that it is hard to treat it with Homoeopathy. Best of luck to all of you stay happy and blessed.

Information provided above is for educational purposes only. It does not mean to diagnose or treat any diseases. I have just done an effort to educate and raise awareness about the importance of Health in this particular text and things which I have mentioned are quite general and basic. Consult your health care professional before you introduce any changes to your lifestyle and diet.